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Teeny Tiny Tunes – The Cover Art

4 December 2008

My future as a hand model is now secure.

Here’s my latest mix, dedicated to songs under a minute long. In the spirit of its wee little theme, this mix was burned onto mini (200MB) discs and sent out in mini jewel cases. This idea had been kicking around my brain for a couple of years, but The P and I were both concerned that at least one person who got the mix would try to toss it into a front-loading CD player and ruin something, so I stayed away from it, until now.

To anyone out there who got a physical copy of this mix, please be sure to use it in standard tray-style cd players only. As the warning on the CD packaging so eloquently put it, “Please consult with your hardware supplier or manufacturer to confirm compatibility (particularly for front loading CD devices).” In other words, this little disc can mess up your equipment. Listener beware…

A few words about the selections here: I was looking for songs that felt like complete tunes even though they’re short. In other words, “preludes” and “intros” need not apply. The songs included here prove that musical genius can come in small packages. Moby Grape pretty much sum up the spirit of the 60’s in 57 seconds. Jerry Douglas plays a hot pedal steel guitar and packs more into 41 seconds than most musicians get out of four minutes. Elvis Presley managed to influence not one, but two Beastie Boys songs (‘Girls’ and ‘To All The Girls’) with one compact display of horny showmanship. And Joe Walsh has to be the only artist on earth who can fart around for 20 seconds and still fit an entire song comfortably within a minute.

With that, here’s the artwork…

Here’s the front:
Teeny Tiny Tunes | Front

Here’s the front gatefold:
Teeny Tiny Tunes | Front Gatefold

Here’s the inside gatefold:
Teeny Tiny Tunes | Inside Gatefold

Notes read:

1) E.B. White’s classic children’s book ‘Stuart Little’
2) The world’s first microprocessor – the Intel 4004
3) ‘Mini-Me’ – the incomparable Verne Troyer
4) 5’5” Spud Webb wins the 1986 NBA Slam Dunk Contest
5) The Mini Cooper is reintroduced, April 2001
6) Everybody loves Leprechauns
7) Monopoly makes it cool to be the thimble


This mix has been APPROVED by The Peanut! [editor’s note – She was bribed with cat treats]


Here’s the playlist:
1] Eight Lessons For The Guitar – No.1 In A Major (Aguaduo) – 0:58 – Andrés Segovia
2] The Lovely Linda – 0:45 – Paul McCartney
3] Give Peace A Chance (Medley) – 0:58 – John Lennon
4] All Night Laundry Mat Blues – 1:00 – Joe Walsh
5] Jet Pilot – 0:49 – Bob Dylan
6] Uncle Sam – 0:41 – Jerry Douglas
7] Naked, If I Want To – 0:57 – Moby Grape
8] Denver – 0:54 – Willie Nelson
9] Moons – 0:51 – Josh Ritter
10] Dawna – 0:44 – Morphine
11] Embryo – 0:28 – Black Sabbath
12] Her Majesty – 0:23 – The Beatles
13] Wet, Wet, Wet – 0:42 – Badly Drawn Boy
14] Trees Against The Sky – 0:53 – Moondog
15] Street Rap – 0:44 – Busy Bee
16] House Music – 0:51 – The Free Association
17] Martin’s Story – 0:53 – Minutemen
18] Stand Up – 0:52 – Minor Threat
19] Pinocchio (Viaggio In Groppa Al Tonno) – 0:49 – Manu Chao
20] Carnival – 0:55 – Elf Power
21] Seas Of Cheese – 0:42 – Primus
22] Girls! Girls! Girls! (End Title Version) – 0:52 – Elvis Presley
23] It Was A Very Good Beer – 0:40 – Homer Simpson
24] The Relevant Ballads – 0:37 – Destroyer
25] Snowflake Music – 0:38 – Mark Mothersbaugh
26] Bourrée – 0:43 – Julian Bream

20:20 Total Running Time

Magic Moment: Foggy Mountain Breakdown

22 October 2008

This smokin’ version of ‘Foggy Mountain Breakdown’ was recorded for The Late Show With David Letterman on November 15th, 2001. It features Earl Scruggs and Steve Martin on banjos, plus an all-star band that includes Vince Gill, Marty Stuart, and Jerry Douglas. I always knew Steve Martin could play banjo, but I didn’t know he could play like this: