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Sleeve Notes: Some Girls

14 April 2010

Graphic designer Peter Corriston was behind this artwork, which features a die-cut cover that reveals the faces printed on the inner sleeve, done in the style of a 50’s newspaper advertisement for wigs. The Stones are dolled up in make-up, reprising their look on the 1966 single ‘Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadows’, and they’re joined by Lucille Ball, Raquel Welch, Marilyn Monroe, Farrah Fawcett and Judy Garland. Incredibly, none of the actresses’ images were cleared for use before the cover was printed, and when Ball – unhappy with the headshot of her that was used – sued to prevent further release, she was quickly joined by Welch and the estates of Garland and Monroe (Farrah Fawcett was apparently more than happy to have her face on a Stones album cover).

In a quick redesign, the actresses’ faces were replaced by blocky print that reads PARDON OUR APPEARANCE and COVER UNDER CONSTRUCTION on primary-colored backgrounds. Interestingly, this look owes something to Jamie Reid’s graphic work for the Sex Pistols, a band that had spent several seasons bashing the Stones through the press. In an odd, Pistols-worthy marketing twist, the wig theme was carried into record stores by mannequins who wore wigs and Some Girls pendants. The outer cover was released in at least five different color schemes, and it’s worth noting that the original cover with Farrah Fawcett and friends isn’t nearly as rare as sellers would have you believe – it can be had for well under ten bucks if you look around. The truly rare version of this cover was an interim solution between the designs noted above, featuring clip-art women in place of both the band and suing actresses. Peter Corriston would go on to design the next three Stones album covers, but none of them has the sex appeal of Some Girls.

The Top 40 Punk Albums Of All-Time – The Cover Art

10 October 2007

Here is the cover art for my compilation The Top 40 Punk Albums Of All-Time. This mix is a couple of years old, and while it inspired this post, the blog write up is a generation or two removed from the original, and includes several different album choices.

This cover was totally inspired by Jamie Reid‘s classic artwork for the Sex Pistols in the 70’s. I printed out a color picture of the safety pin, and then added the cutout newpaper letters to this, one by one. I then color-copied that and sized it down to cd cover size. I figured the punk ‘zine look would probably be my only chance to use my lousy handwriting on one of my mixes (and get away with it) so that’s the back cover.

Not perfect, but it’s something…

Here’s the front cover:
Punk - front
[This is a scanned version of the original cover – much darker than the original.]

Here’s the back cover:
Punk - tray

Here’s the track listing:

40 – Devo * Gut Feeling
39 – Buzzcocks * Ever Fallen In Love…
38 – The Seeds * Pushin’ Too Hard
37 – The Cure * Three Imaginary Boys
36 – Germs * Lexicon Devil
35 – Mission Of Burma * Secrets
34 – The Heartbreakers * One Track Mind
33 – Richard Hell & The Voidoids * Blank Generation
32 – Husker Du * Never Talking To You Again
31 – The Cars * Don’t Cha Stop
30 – Ramones * Cretin Hop
29 – Pixies * Crackity Jones
28 – The Dils * Blow Up
27 – XTC * Making Plans For Nigel
26 – Wire * Dot Dash
25 – Black Flag * Rise Above
24 – Circle Jerks * When The Shit Hits The Fan
23 – NY Dolls * Personality Crisis
22 – The Jam * The Modern World
21 – Dead Kennedys * Let’s Lynch The Landlord
20 – Patti Smith * Gloria
19 – Fear * Let’s Have A War
18 – Gang Of Four * Damaged Goods
17 – Talking Heads * New Feeling
16 – Nirvana * About A Girl
15 – X * In This House That I Call Home
14 – Joy Division * Transmission
13 – Bad Brains * Banned In D.C.
12 – The Saints * I’m (Stranded)
11 – Velvet Underground * Rock & Roll
10 – Radio Birdman * Murder City Nights
9 – Monks * Monk Time
8 – The Undertones * I Gotta Getta
7 – The Modern Lovers * Roadrunner
6 – The Stooges * T.V. Eye
5 – Buzzcocks * Autonomy
4 – Minutemen * #1 Hit Song
3 – The Clash * Brand New Cadillac
2 – Sex Pistols * Bodies
1 – Ramones * Blitzkrieg Bop