Sleeve Notes: The World’s Worst Records!


It might represent the world’s worst records, but this Rhino compilation sports one of the best album covers. I picked this up at a record shop in North Beach last month because I couldn’t resist the image of a guy in a haz-mat suit handling a bunch of toxic records. When I laid it on the counter to make my purchase, the proprietor took note. With a slight Russian accent, he said “Is not really worst records. If you want worst records, go to Top 40!” and we both had a good laugh about the truth of that.

In his liner notes for this Rhino compilation, Dr Demento claims that “Any nerd can make boring music. It takes true talent to make one of the world’s worst records.” The album comes with a barf bag that’s labeled OFFICIAL WORLD’S WORST RECORDS’ REGURGITATION RECEPTACLE. I’ll keep it on hand, in case I ever accidentally cross paths with the Top 40…

“Regurgitation Receptacle”

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18 Responses to “Sleeve Notes: The World’s Worst Records!”

  1. Connor Says:

    Just letting you know, I love your blog! Keep it up!

  2. Frank Says:

    where are you?

  3. steve Says:

    I don’t make time to regularly read blogs, but I made time for this one. It makes me sad that it is gone. Thanks for introducing me to some great songs and artists.

  4. Stogie Says:

    A great album for the trash music lover. It’s like an Ed Wood Jr. movie on vinyl. Enjoy.

  5. Mike Says:

    I’m really curious to hear these awful records! I will have to seek out a copy of the world’s worst records haha

    • Stogie Says:

      Some of the songs are just BAD. I enjoy bad music but I like the stuff I call What Were They Thinking songs.What I mean is that someone somewhere thought this was a good idea and would make money. The songs Rhino have on their album are more bad for bad sake. If you’re interested in what I’m talking about let me know. I post one a week in an e-mail to friends.

  6. Dilapidus Says:

    DK? Where are you? Is this lovely experiment over?

  7. Frank Says:

    YO! come back!

  8. lam ao lop Says:

    when will you comeback with us?

  9. Michael Says:

    I have some pretty awful records myself (The Moonbabies – I’m Insane But So Are You!)

  10. mugwor Says:

    IMNSOHO I think Sam the Sham and the Pharoah’s “Wooly Bully ” is one of the worst records ever recorded. Barf bag indeed!!! Idiotic lyrics and a backbeat I sure want to lose it. That is before I lose my lunch listening to this garbage. (To put it politely)

  11. kuru Says:

    just found this site. look forward to diving into it

  12. Margaret Shepherd Says:

    Nothing can surpass “Jonathan and Darlene Edwards, Paris in the Spring.” [Jo Stafford, brilliantly channeling a bad lounge singer.] Try this:

  13. Margaret Shepherd Says:

    About my previous post: Paris in the Spring got a Grammy for best comedy album. It’s the best worst music ever recorded. You’ve REALLY got to hear it.

  14. Matt Says:

    Hey DK… come back! You introduced me to some amazing albums such as Masters of Reality “Sunrise on the Sufferbus”, Dr. John’s “The Sun, The Moon, The Herbs” and a few other GREAT albums I’d never heard before. I’d realy like to hear more of your recommendations. Seriously man, I owe you big for many hours of listening to great albums I may never have picked up on before. I have 55K mp3s yet I still found tons of new music to check out on your site.

  15. bd Says:

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