Masterpiece: The Best Of John Fahey 1959-1977


[Today: The buzzard blues…]

John Fahey picked the buzzard’s blues,

a natural, stark guitar music that clangs of

bare bones, like a carcass picked clean

a rock on a beach, desolate waves crashing

again and again, over and over and

Fahey’s notes come like the grim reaper,

inevitable undeniable pure beautiful cold…

Listen: Sunflower River Blues

Listen: When The Spring Time Comes Again


4 Responses to “Masterpiece: The Best Of John Fahey 1959-1977”

  1. Bob Nisi Says:

    Yes! Fantastic! “Sunflower” is just so, so sweet! Pick up Memphis Swamp Jam! Great various artists album of artists from ’69 Memphis Blues Fest recorded at Ardent Studios with Fahey(billed as R.L Watson and Josiah Jones(Bill Barth of The Insect Trust who I don’t know)). Their version of St Louis Blues is stunning! Also on that album is Bukka White(Christmas Eve Blues-amazing!), Furry Lewis(Judge Boushay Blues is awesome!), Piano Red, et al. The Absolute highlight, although hard to discern on this collection of highlights, is Fred McDowell & Johnny Woods doing Shake ‘Em On Down! You won’t believe the utter coolness of McDowell and Wood’s slide/harp “arc” of beauty on this track!! Again, whole album is a gem!! I found a cheap copy at dusty groove but it’s not hard to find elsewhere, but there’s a free vinyl rip here: Cool, Enjoy!!

    • dkpresents Says:

      Thanks for the recco and link Bob. I think we have that LP floating around our house somewhere, but I haven’t been able to put a finger on it yet – may have to just go for the download.

      Also wanted to mention that Fahey is a fellow Oregon boy, and his sound is perfect for the natural beauty of that state. Almost all of his albums (including his Christmas album) are worthwhile in some way…

  2. Bob Nisi Says:

    Cool, DK, yeah, I only have the collection you posted and Swamp Jam for Fahey stuff. Have Yellow Princess coming tho! Yes, sure even the Christmas album is great! Didn’t know he was an Oregonian. Never been to Oregon, but they tell me it’s Joe Walsh lyric;-) Hey, not to self-promote, but check out my band at! We won the Boston Blues Challenge last fall and went to Memphis for the International Blues Challenge recently where we made it to the semi-finals! not bad for a not-even-a-year-old band! Headed to SXSW this week where we have 7 gigs! Gonna be great as I’ve never been to SXSW! Cool, have a great weekend and I look forward to your weekend playlist!

  3. Edwin Castañeda Says:

    Esto es realmente Hermoso !!!
    Mil gracias por publicar estas bellas canciones que tanto me han ayudado a formar mi corazón de la mejor manera y a desear ser mejor persona cada día !!

    Thanks !!!!!!!!

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