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Sleeve Notes: Do It Yourself

10 November 2010

Barney Bubbles was a British designer who came to prominence creating the covers for Hawkwind’s first half-dozen albums, before making his name as the house designer for the fledgling punk label Stiff Records. At Stiff, Bubbles (born Colin Fulcher) was responsible for some trend-setting punk album covers, including Elvis Costello’s This Year’s Model and the Damned’s Damned Damned Damned. But his finest work was his cover art for Ian Dury & The Blockheads’ 1979 album Do It Yourself. Bubbles used wallpaper designs pulled straight from the Crown wallpaper company to create 28 totally unique and striking covers. He was a master of typography, and the rivet typeface perfectly pays off the album title. And finally, the animated toolbox that’s bottom center is a prime example of the kind of quirky devices Bubbles threw into his art. The caption beneath it reads “TOMMY THE TALKING TOOLBOX SAYS IT’S… FOR ALL THE FAMILY TO ENJOY!” Barney Bubbles made art that was certainly fun for all…