Exercise Your Right…


Last winter I put it up to my readers to vote on content for the following week. Lots of people voted, and they picked two good subjects – David Bowie and William Shatner. So as a warm-up for the upcoming election season let’s do it again. As much as I’d like to put Run-DMC and The Groundhogs back on the ballot, I’m instead offering up a fresh platter of selections. Votes will be limited to one per poll for each IP address, and polling will be open until end of day (midnight PST) this Saturday.

5 Responses to “Exercise Your Right…”

  1. Dirty Diablo Says:

    Can YOU tell who voted for what? or is this a secret ballot?

  2. devil dick Says:

    secret smecret, i voted for the beatles and john lee and if they don’t make the cut over wu tang well then your readers be whacked yo’!

  3. World B. Furr Says:

    Phuck that sh!t. Mandel and AC/DC.

  4. HeavyG Says:

    John Lee, John Lee! Will never forget seeing him just before he died. A true legend!

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