10 Albums To Take Along To College


Our next door neighbor’s son, Sergio, is headed off to college today – he’s going down to Santa Cruz to become a Banana Slug! Sergio and I have become friends over the last few years, playing basketball together and talking music during neighborly visits over the back hedge. We’ve had a couple of discussions about his preparations and expectations for college, and talking with him about it has made me feel both old and young. Old because it’s been more than 20 years since I headed off to college myself, but young because I can vividly remember how exciting it was to launch into that adventure.

I suppose this is a variation of the old ‘desert island disc‘ game – except in this case the island is populated with kegs and co-eds and um… higher learning. Sigh. I miss college…

Jimi Hendrix | Electric Ladyland – College is about opening your mind, and Professor Hendrix can help make that happen…

Related subjects: Astronomy and Quantum Physics

Johann Sebastian Bach | The Brandenburg Concertos – Good study music. And besides, every crusty college bachelor pad can use a hint of class…

Related subject: History

Pink Floyd | Dark Side Of The Moon – There will undoubtedly be late night discussions on the state of the world and the value of man’s soul. This is your soundtrack…

Related subjects: Philosophy and Child Psychology

Miles Davis | Kind Of Blue – At some point you’ll want to impress a girl. This is your soundtrack…

Related subject: Sex Ed.

Bob Dylan | Blood On The Tracks – At some point that girl is going to break your heart. This is your soundtrack…

Related subject: Drama

Rolling Stones | Exile On Main St. – In addition to the rigorous pursuit of knowledge, some university goers enjoy getting pasted on cheap alcohol. Mick & Keith are ready to help…

Related subject: Geology

Led Zeppelin | Led Zeppelin II – Along with books and a toothbrush, this should be standard issue for all incoming freshman (see also – Stones, Rolling – ibid).

Related subject: Classics

Stevie Wonder | Songs In The Key Of Life – Of the many subjects you’ll explore during college, funk won’t be one of them. This will help fill that gap in your education…

Related subject: Metaphysics

Marvin Gaye | What’s Going On – College will help open your eyes to the larger world – meaning you’ll soon realize that it’s full of injustice and endangered tree frogs that need you to protest on their behalf. On this front, Marvin Gaye is your spiritual guide…

Related subject: Sociology

Beastie Boys | Paul’s Boutique – It’s all about hip-hop with the kids these days…

Related subject: Criminal Psychology

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4 Responses to “10 Albums To Take Along To College”

  1. devil dick Says:

    man… you GOTTA have some Beatles in there….

    and then SABBATH!!!!


  2. Crafty Lefty Says:

    you read my mind Devil…and give me some Beck…”I think her name was Debra….”

  3. devil dick Says:

    12 packs are for high school kids…. everyone knows college kids need at least a case or 30 pack!!!!!!!

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