Stuck In My Head: Hurt So Good


Thirteen seconds into Susan Cadogan’s ‘Hurt So Good’, an irresistible Lee Perry backbeat kicks in, and Cadogan lets go with her growling purr of a voice, unspooling a swampy, sultry piece of enabling. Her man runs her name through the street and treats her like trash, but ooweeee can he do the nasty. Some ills, it would seem, can be cured by the squeak of bedsprings. Bill Withers said ‘Use Me’. Al Green said ‘Let’s Stay Together’. Susan Cadogan says ‘I don’t want you to ever quit. It ain’t no good, ’til it hurts a little bit.” Mercy…

Listen: Hurt So Good

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One Response to “Stuck In My Head: Hurt So Good”

  1. Arlo Chingaderas Says:

    Wow. I’m a huge fan of the Millie Jackson version of this song (featured in the classic blaxploitation film, “Cleopatra Jones).” It’s also the title of an album by SF rapper Equipto. This shit is epic, though!! Having seen Scratch Perry live I’m embarrassed to say I was not aware of this version of the song. Thanks again to dk for sharing some dope ass music!!

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