Doubleshot Tuesday: Plastic Ono Band/Double Fantasy


[Today: Remembering John Lennon…]

Shortly after John Lennon was murdered, my mom cut an op-ed piece about him out of the local paper, took it down to the frame shop, and splurged on having it preserved behind glass, with a wirey copper frame. It was an extravagance for our family, but it made sense – my mom worshipped the Beatles, particularly Lennon and McCartney. The op-ed piece had a small drawing of the writer (a woman who’s name is escaping me), a small black and white photo of Lennon from his NYC phase, and about 500 words on his importance, and why it was such a tragedy that he was killed. That article hung on her bedroom wall for years, and it always seemed like an odd choice to me. Why not a big poster or the photo insert for the White Album (which we owned)?!? But as I’ve gotten older I can appreciate what she was thinking. When you lose someone important to you, you want to hold onto every reason why that person was special. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, but many times, 500 well-chosen words can mean more than all the pictures in the world…

Listen: Working Class Hero

Listen: Watching The Wheels [Alternate Version]


3 Responses to “Doubleshot Tuesday: Plastic Ono Band/Double Fantasy”

  1. alejandro Says:

    Great writing. I was very surprised that you are the only Blog I read that actually wrote something about Lennon. Are they too cool? thanks, would like to see that op-ed…

  2. dkpresents Says:

    The article in question is titled ‘Lennon’s Death: Promise Destroyed’ and was written by syndicated columnist Ellen Goodman of The Boston Globe. Goodman retired after publishing her final piece on January 1st, 2010…

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