Doubleshot Tuesday: Black Pearls/Black Sabbath


[Today: It was a dark and stormy day…]

John Coltrane | Black Pearls
Black Sabbath | Black Sabbath

All day yesterday, dark storm clouds gathered around the Bay Area and then just hung there, doing nothing and looking ominous. Around three o’clock this morning, the storm finally broke, and we’ve been in a deluge ever since. When the weather gets really nasty like this, there are two music genres that I reach for – heavy metal and jazz. Motörhead, Slayer, Metallica, and especially Black Sabbath are the right sound for a day like today, when the winds are screaming and the rain is hissing. Sabbath’s debut was the LP I grabbed off the shelf this morning, and it proved to be a wise choice. Side One opens with a bell tolling, followed by a thunderclap and pouring rain, before the group launches into the title track – which like the rest of Black Sabbath, is the perfect soundtrack for staring down black sheets of rain and hilltops shrouded in clouds.

Happy, melodic jazz won’t do for a rainstorm – the occasion requires something with internal discord, something that feels like nature gone awry. John Coltrane fits the bill. He played with a passion that was almost supernatural – the man was a locomotive on the sax. Some of the lines he cuts loose with on his 1958 album Black Pearls – mid-way through both the title track and ‘Lover Come Back To Me’ – are the musical embodiment of being caught in a rainstorm. Notes come down one on top of another, and just when you’d swear they can’t come any faster, they turn into a torrential downpour. This isn’t Coltrane in full squall mode, but Impressions and The Age Of Bronze are on deck, just in case this storm really starts bringing it…



Six more for a storm…

Andres Segovia | The Segovia Collection
The Band | Music From Big Pink
The Doors | L.A. Woman
Nick Drake | Pink Moon
Slayer | Diabolus In Musica
The Benedictine Monks Of Santo Domingo de Silos | Chant

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5 Responses to “Doubleshot Tuesday: Black Pearls/Black Sabbath”

  1. dez Says:

    Hey DK… since you’re in the Bay Area, have you ever checked out some of the local heavies… High On Fire? Acid King? They’ve both changed their sound in the last couple of years, but High On Fire’s first two releases and Acid King’s Busse Woods are really doomtacular… I recommend if you like Sabbath and Motorhead.

    I got to see them both live a bunch of years ago here on the East Coast and it was really killin.

  2. Andrew Conroy Says:

    I love the idea of Black Sabbath and Nick Drake providing the (very different) soundtracks to a storm. On the north-west cost of Merseyside in the UK when it’s stormy, Aphex’s Selected Ambient Works Vol 2, Stars Of The Lid’s Per Aspera Ad Astra and The Orb’s ‘Spanish Castles in Space’ really push magical buttons for me.

  3. Floor Sanding Says:

    Floor Sanding…

    […]Doubleshot Tuesday: Black Pearls/Black Sabbath « dk presents…[…]…

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