The Devil Made Me Do It – The Cover Art


Here’s the cover art for my latest mix, The Devil Made Me Do It. This two-disc set compiles songs from one of my favorite blogs – The Devil’s Music ( This site is run by Devil Dick, a crate digger from New Jersey who converts his fuzziest, funkiest 45s over to MP3 and posts the results. His site is a wealth of rare and outrageous music, and he was kind enough to let me pick out a disc’s worth of my favorite tunes from his site. He then went one better and chipped in a bonus disc of some of his own favorites. That’s 45 songs total, and a very good chance that even the craziest music fan has only heard of a couple of these titles.

All of the tunes listed below are available for free download from DD’s blog. To encourage traffic to his site, I’m only posting the two songs that I’ve already uploaded here. Many thanks to Dick for doing all the dirty work and sharing the nuggets with us freshly pressed slackers…

[Here’s the front cover…]

The Devil Made Me Do It | Front Cover

[Here’s the front inside…]

The Devil Made Me Do It | Front Inside

[Here’s the back inside…]

The Devil Made Me Do It | Back Inside

[Here’s the back cover…]

The Devil Made Me Do It | Back Cover


[And here’s the track list…]

Disc 1 (dk’s selections)

Travis Wammack | Scratchy
The What-Knots | I Ain’t Dead Yet
The Kitchen Cinq | Determination
The Yellow Payges | The Two Of Us
The Tracers | She Said Yeah
The Raw Meat | Run For Your Life
Terry Knight & The Pack | Got Love
Harmonica Fats | Tore Up
The Mods | Everybody Needs Somebody
The Dischas | Let’s Go Together
Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart | Out & About
The Rocking Ghosts | Ghost Walk
Five By Five | Fire
Crow | Evil Woman Don’t Play Your Games With Me
Iron Knowledge | Show-Stopper
Panic Buttons | O-Wow
Preacher | Life Is A Gamble (Pt. 1)
Chambers Brothers | Funky
Cool Heat | Are You Nuts?
B. Bumble & The Stingers | Chicken Chow Mein
William DeVaughn | Be Thankful For What You Got
Jimmy Ponder | While My Guitar Gently Weeps
The Blue Ribbon Singers | The Pabst Song

Disc 2 (Dick’s Picks)

Pee Wee King | Waltz Of Regret
The Adverts | One Chord Wonders
The Weirdos | We Got The Neutron Bomb
The Tonics | Daddy
Third Guitar | Down To The River
Wallace Brothers | Precious Words
Little Archie | I Am A Carpet
Syl Johnson | Let Them Hang High
The Strangers | Caterpillar Crawl
Ronnie Self | Bop-A-Lena
Slim Whitman | Cattle Call
Rare Bird | Sympathy
Pamela Webb & The George | Hold On I’m Coming
Lincoln Street Exit | Time Has Come Gonna Die
Majic Ship | Green Plant
J.D. Blackfoot | Epitaph For A Head
Gandalf | Never Too Far
The Galaxies IV | Don’t Lose Your Mind
The Gents | I Wonder Why
The Poppy Family | Shadows On My Wall
Dion | Purple Haze
The Turtles | Buzzsaw

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3 Responses to “The Devil Made Me Do It – The Cover Art”

  1. functional hermit Says:

    I think this is my favorite cover from all your CD mixes.

    Your proficiency with kerning and letting are beginning to trouble me though.

  2. devil dick Says:

    hey man many thanks for this! i appreciate the nod and i hope some of your readers will make the journey over the the devils lair!
    i’ve posted a lil’ something for you this fine morning as well!

  3. DancingTool Says:

    Great mix. It’s been getting a lot of play in the car since you sent it my way. Will definitely journey to DD’s blog on a regular basis. Nice work, both of you.

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