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Rainy Day Music

18 February 2009


Bob Dylan famously claimed that “Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” Growing up in Oregon, I learned to feel the rain, because it sure beat standing around just getting wet. That skill has come in handy over the last week, as the Bay Area has been mauled by a torrential rainstorm that dumped more than five inches on San Francisco in one 48-hour span.

Here are some songs that were inspired by those clouds in the sky, and serve as a good soundtrack for sitting and watching the raindrops roll down the windowpanes…

Listen: Buckets Of Rain [Bob Dylan]

Listen: Rainy Day, Dream Away [Jimi Hendrix]

Listen: Little Bit Of Rain [Fred Neil]

Listen: The Rain Song [Led Zeppelin]

Listen: Rain [Richard Betts]

Listen: Go Ahead In The Rain (Pimp Juice’s Players’ Paradise Remix) [A Tribe Called Quest]

Listen: Escape (Pina Colada Song) [Rupert Holmes]