You Can Be An Author!


It sounds like utter spam, but it’s true. It’s National Write-A-Novel Month and the good people at 33 & 1/3 are putting that idea into action – they’re accepting book proposals until December 31st. If you don’t know about the 33 & 1/3 series, here’s the idea in a nutshell: pamphlet-sized, 100-120 page books, each focusing on a classic album, and each written by different authors in wildly varying styles. The 33 & 1/3 editors have cultivated an eclectic collection of writing styles that mirrors the breadth and adventure of a good record collection.

Notable titles in the series include Music From Big Pink, Forever Changes, Paul’s Boutique, Dusty In Memphis, Exile On Main St, Electric Ladyland, and many more. The series now exceeds 60 in number, and almost every title can be recommended to any serious music fan.

Anyway, I’m in!

At first I thought there was no way I could write a book proposal, but when I thought about it in blogging terms, it became much more realistic. The required 2000 word proposal + 500 word qualifier represents a week of blog posts here. It’ll take a couple of weeks of research and work, plus the requisite couple of weeks of polish – but put in those terms this doesn’t seem like such a Herculean task. Certainly well worth the opportunity to get my name on one of these great books.

Last time 33 & 1/3 accepted proposals (two years ago), they received 450 proposals, and handed out 20 contracts. You can do the math, but those don’t seem like such long odds to me.

Just for the heck of it, I’ve created a mock-up of what my book might possibly definitely look like:

[click for full-size image]

But this post isn’t about my book, it’s about your book.

If you could write a book about any album, what would it be, and why?

[I’m not even asking for a 2,500 word, multi-part proposal, just a comment…]

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13 Responses to “You Can Be An Author!”

  1. ronny knight Says:

    Because I love rap and am intrigued by the outlaw lifestyle (i watch a lot of Lockup Raw), I would say two albums come to mind. Dr Dre’s “The Chronic” and 2Pac’s “All Eyez on Me” were both very influential musically and surrounded by controversy and juicy stories of thuggish debauchery. Both were on the Death Row label. That’s my vote.

  2. james cabral Says:

    Chinese Democracy.

  3. james cabral Says:

    I hadn’t read the link when I posted my last comment. I’d like to switch to the first Headhunters album. I have always been fascinated by it. I’d like to learn more about it and then tell the entire world.

  4. dkpresents Says:

    Thanks Jimmy! That was the 1800th comment on this blog, so you win a $25 iTunes gift card. Coming soon to a mailbox near you…

  5. World B. Furr Says:

    I demand one too or I’ll write about James Cabral’s album “Tucked Away.”

    Guess I’ll expect that card from Cabral, however.

  6. foo Says:

    Billy Joel’s masterpiece – Turnstiles.

  7. Rob Says:

    How about Sgt. Peppers? That would be a good read.

  8. Arlo Chingaderas Says:

    Digital Underground’s “Sex Packets” would be my choice. Definitely an interesting and influential group & debut album… besides turning on a whole new generation of hip-hop listeners to P-Funk, they also partied like true rock stars… what’s not to love?

  9. matt_the_cat Says:

    The Colours-Self Titled on Dot Records (1969)-an undiscovered jewel in the wake of Sgt.Pepper

  10. cordell Says:

    this seemed to be a really hard question, but then like lightning, the answer struck me. A WIZARD, A TRUE STAR by todd rundgren. it’s one of MOJO’s 500 most essential LPs, and justifiably so. (i actually may try to take this on, as if i didn’t already have enough on my full plate.) happy turkeyday dk & theP.

  11. World B. Furr Says:

    Bette Midler- The Rose

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