The 8-Track Diaries: Hard Rock


Fire up the Camaro and let’s go for a spin! Today we’re going to take a look at some vintage hard rock/heavy metal 8-tracks…

Various Artists | Heavy Metal – Not the movie soundtrack of the same name, this Warner Bros collection features, among many other hard rock acts… Buffalo Springfield??

New York Dolls | New York Dolls – The New York Dolls’ debut was a signpost of punk music to follow, making this is a very collectible 8-track.

Iggy And The Stooges | Metallic K.O. – This compilation of two separate Stooges’ bootlegs captures a good portion of the original group’s final show. During that performance, Iggy taunted a room full of bikers until they beat him unconscious. Good times!

Black Sabbath | Master Of Reality – Sabbath sounds sludgy, 8-tracks sound sludgy – this is obviously a marriage made in heaven.

Thin Lizzy | Live And Dangerous – One of the most overlooked and underappreciated bands of the 70’s, Thin Lizzy featured the talents of frontman/bassist Phil Lynott, as well as a whole bunch of guitarists. This is generally considered to be one of the best live albums of all-time.

Led Zeppelin | Houses Of The Holy – Jimmy Page + Robert Plant + 8-track technology = Rock & Roll

Van Halen | Van Halen – David Lee Roth + Eddie Van Halen + 8-track technology = Party On Wheels

AC/DC | Highway To Hell – One of my favorite albums. Bon Scott’s last release with the group is also his finest hour as a vocalist.

Ozzy Osbourne | Blizzard Of Ozz – “Dogs smoke in France” – Ozzy

KISS | Dressed To Kill – When I was a kid, my best friend Bobby Evans had this album and I used to think it was one of the coolest album covers ever. Still do…

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4 Responses to “The 8-Track Diaries: Hard Rock”

  1. sandylove Says:

    When I was a young girl my parents had this really great cabinet that was a turntable up top, 8track/ am/fm radio in front. On the sides were this hand knitted speaker covers with thin wood weaving in and out of each other, with pull out vinyl storage.

    TOTALLY HIPPIE..totally great! They still have that piece (in their basement)…

    P.S. The 1st NYD’s love the vinyl, but never seen it on 8track before… pretty cool stuff you got there!

  2. devil dick Says:

    while this collection is way cool, 8-tracks were so lame they couldn’t even paste the fucking covers on correctly…..

  3. eyeeatmusic Says:


  4. Paul Byron Says:

    I actually have a copy of Warner Bros’ “Heavy Metal” on vinyl! And yes – I too was puzzled by the inclusion of Buffalo Springfield. Actually, I don’t think there was much “metal” at all. Great collection nonetheless.

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