Buried Treasure: The Not-So-Bright Side Of The Moon


[Today: An indie supergroup pays tribute to a Pink Floyd classic…]

Squirrels - album

It opens with hiccups instead of a beating heart, and just gets funnier from there. Every note and sound effect on The Not-So-Bright Side Of The Moon is a more hilarious and juvenile – but totally appropriate – alterna-reality version of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon. The Squirrels feature members of The Fastbacks, Dread Zeppelin, Tuatara, and Young Fresh Fellows. Which makes sense, because only seasoned musicians could make an album this intricate sound like it was recorded by a bunch of lunatics on the grass.

Most Pink Floyd fans will readily admit that the group takes itself a little too seriously (especially one Mr. Waters) and is ripe for parody. But you don’t have to be a Floyd fan to appreciate the ridiculous attention to detail that The Squirrels have shown here. Not-So-Bright Side is a spoof, but it’s an elaborate spoof that turns the original album on its ear. Indeed, one of the most overwrought explorations of the human condition ever commited to vinyl has here been transformed into slapstick, through layer upon layer of funny noises (including a buzzing modem, car alarms, Zappa-esque squonking, chickens bawking, and banjos). The over-the-top voices are provided by Dread Zep frontman Ed Zeppelin, who does his corniest Elvis impersonation, drops rasta patois, and makes the loony voices throughout the album sound positively cartoonish.

It’s unlikely that Not-So-Bright Side syncs up perfectly with The Wizard Of Oz, but it’s got the chops – and the laughs – to hang with every Marx Brothers movie ever made.

Listen: Us & Them

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    […] – The Squirrels * The Not-So-Bright Side Of The Moon – The perfect sendup of one of rock’s classic albums. Every detail is hilariously worked over, and the looney […]

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