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Masterpiece: Double Nickels On The Dime

8 June 2007

[Today: D. Boon, Mike Watt, and George Hurley take a journey to the heart of punkness…]

Double Nickels - album

Double Nickels kicks off with the sound of a car engine revving to life – an appropriate intro for an album named after trucker slang for driving 55. But it also foreshadowed the death of singer D. Boon in an auto accident on December 22, 1985. His passing brought down the curtain on perhaps the most innovative and important of Punk bands. This 43 song (that’s not a misprint), 74 minute, double-album manifesto instantly expanded the parameters of what Punk could be.

It’s an album that is equal parts philosophy, psychology, political science, sociology, physiognomy, mathematics (check ‘Vietnam’ for the story problem), and good old-fashioned, smart-assed bullshitting. These minute-and-change blasts of youthful vigor include flamenco guitar, improv jazz, dirty blues, references to Bob Dylan and Michael Jackson, and a killer cover of Steely Dan’s ‘Dr. Wu’. “Our band could be your life” sang D. Boon. And if you’re down with intelligent, intense music that defies standard categorization, he’s probably right.