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Hitting The Links III

23 May 2007

Before I get to this week’s fun, I’d like to give a special shoutout to the two browsers who found this site using the search terms ‘Grace Slick Overrated’ and ‘Ganja 3d’. You folks are always welcome here.

Now for our regularly scheduled links:

Let loose your inner sleeve.

Get some truth on the Summer Of Love.

Bask in the genius of M. Ward.

A curious list of rock milestones.

This cracked me up.

A little something about the original DJ.

They’re turning water into music in Croatia.

Some break dancers can float on air.

Ian Curtis – gone, but not forgotten.

Keith Moon does his thing.

The 33 & 1/3 crew are at it again.

Kevin likes this clip of The Warriors vs. The Fugees.

John Lennon’s death had a personal impact for some.

A semi-intimate portrait of Rick Rubin.

Worth it just for the piano player.

Elvis Costello has a few recommendations.

This list is junk.

Seems like poor taste to me.